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Solve the Word 365/2016 Slow Typing Issue

Since Word 2016 was published, it has very serious performance issues on devices with high resolution displays like the Surface Book and Surface Pro. As soon as a document is longer than about 1000 words, there is a terrible typing lag, i.e. text appears on screen much slower than you type.
The typing lag is particularly bad in tables and when markup mode is used.
This bug is a terrible productivity killer. I can absolutely not understand how it can persist since mid 2015 without being corrected, even more since it mainly appears on Microsoft hardware.

The bug is reproducible. All Surface Books in our company suffer from it. Even a fresh install of the most recent versions of Windows 10 und Office 365 does not solve the problem.

The bug has been extensively discussed on answers.microsoft.com, but no solution is known so far.
See for instance in these threads:




A solution would be very much appreciated! Thanks.

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    Matthias HaldimannMatthias Haldimann shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Ezra ShapiroEzra Shapiro commented  · 

        I SOLVED IT! At least on our computer. We had installed the Hebrew proofing options. I completely removed Office, and reinstalled, this time with no proofing. Everything is working FAST!

      • Kathy KenscheKathy Kensche commented  · 

        Hi there, I have templates in place with multiple global companies that work with thousands of users and quite a few of them have this issue (Word 2016).
        On one of the templates, I have noticed that the issue is less pronounced if i remove all tables with 'around' settings from all headers/footers.

        I have noticed other issues with tables with 'around' settings in 2016 which are different from 2010 which makes me think that these are coded differently now.

        We will try this with the current client template. I will post an update if that solves the issue.

      • Garrett HollandGarrett Holland commented  · 

        I have multiple clients that complain of this issue. I am in need of a solution asap.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This bug has been going on since 2015! Seems to effect mainly users with high-res screens (e.g. the Surface Pro).

      • Matthias HaldimannMatthias Haldimann commented  · 

        Thanks to Captain J. and Abolfazl for contributing the tricks that helped them.
        On our computers, they do unfortunately both not reduce the slow typing problem.

      • Captain J.Captain J. commented  · 

        While in word, change view to draft. Then go to Options, Advanced and disable "Enable Background Repagination". Almost at the end. See if that helps.

      • AbolfazlAbolfazl commented  · 

        Hey... This is really a surprise!
        I also experienced delays between typing every character...It was too slow and awful! However, I searched to solve the problem. I tried every recommended solution but the problem didn't solve until.....
        Yes, I suddenly changed the footnote numbering from "Restart each page" to "Continues". And my problem solved!! Everything is now OK and fast!! I don't know what's the relationship between footnote numbering and slow typing!
        Hope it works for you too.
        PS: I also use EndNote. It may affect my Word. However, test it. Just open Word->References Tap->Click on Footnotes ribbon on bottom right and change numbering to Continues.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This is ridiculous what the hell did I pay for if I can't use the programs!?

      • RTRT commented  · 

        Same issue. My word file is only 552kb, but this issue still occured and waste my productivity.
        Try to reboot but no help.

      • Louis van ZylLouis van Zyl commented  · 

        We develop machine operating and work instructions for a living. Word on Office 365 is slow and full of issues that robs me an my team of valuable development time. This is not an improvement on previous versions. Common issues are the length of time it takes to save larger documents, the fact that the system very often go on "Not Responding"mode, the fact that it is extremely difficult to group components in a drawing and the total lack of a functional "Regroup function. Often bullet settings are changed and then become impossible to reset which is solved by switching off and rebooting or retyping the entire document and replacing all photos.
        I expect more from Micro soft than this terrible solution to a system that worked well
        Louis van Zyl

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        it appears that my lag was from my One-note notebook page getting too big. As I tested it in new notebook and then just with new PAGE - the lag stopped.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        my issue appears in Office 2016 Pro in One Note, not in Word. I have tried the reg. edit, the turning off of any settings remotely like animation - checked all my drivers and updates. THIS NEEDS A FIX!

      • Matthias HaldimannMatthias Haldimann commented  · 

        Update: The problem still persists, even with Windows 10 "Creators Update" (which otherwise improves the performance of Win10) and the most recent insider build of Word.

        Switching to draft view can indeed be an option in some scenarios, but in documents with graphics and even more importantly when using change tracking, draft mode is almost unusable for most users. I also tried to get some idea of what might cause the bug with process explorer, but could not find anything that would lead to a solution.

      • WendyWWendyW commented  · 

        This is a nightmare. I purchased surface pro specifically for work purposes which involves working in word tables. I am stunned this is such a problem and infuriated. What a waste of money and loss of productivity

      • Justin AdieJustin Adie commented  · 

        this has unfortunately being going on for a few versions. Because there is no way to interact directly with MS there is no real way to get their engagement in _fixing_ this.

        moving to draft view completely removes the problem. However for years MS has broken scrolling in draft view so it is unusable on a touch screen. This would be a very straightforward bug to fix.

        because MS is so embedded around the world, and because O365 is a compelling offer (I) migrating to a different platform is unlikely to be a genuine solution; and (ii) MS really don't have to listen to the minority of users that make use of the 'higher' functions such as mark-up (noting, for example, that mark-up is not properly handled on the web-client either- removing that route as a viable solution too).

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Open Office is starting to look really good right now.
        Come on, Microsoft. This needs fixing.

      • JonJon commented  · 

        Let Microsoft keep playing around with 'features' that keep breaking what should be simple word processor. Cancel your O365 subscription. Openoffice.org

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Please fix the lag issue ! Word 365 is almost unusable on my Surface Pro !

      • Josh StraubJosh Straub commented  · 

        For any technically inclined power users out there, try using Microsoft/Sysinternals free "Process Explorer" tool (use the Help guide to Configure Symbol Server for best results) or the open source alternative "Process Hacker 2" to try and identify which thread exactly of WINWORD.EXE is causing the delay.

        Do this by double clicking WINWORD.EXE in Process Explorer/Hacker when the behavior is happening, go to the Threads tab, and find the one with the highest Cycles Delta. If you've configured your Symbols properly, it will give more informative info as to what the thread is doing exactly.

        Then, double click the suspect thread and it will show a "Stack", which is a sort of history/sequence of events that describes the task the program is current processing.

        If you're technically knowledgeable about Windows systems, you might find a clue that pinpoints the culprit. (For instance, you might find some 3rd party Add-in is unexpectedly listed in the Thread Stack, or perhaps some international feature, or dictation feature that you don't use, etc.)

        Good luck! If you wish to contact me, send it to "syclone0044" at the Yahoo.com domain...

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