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Solve the Word 365/2016 Slow Typing Issue

Since Word 2016 was published, it has very serious performance issues on devices with high resolution displays like the Surface Book and Surface Pro. As soon as a document is longer than about 1000 words, there is a terrible typing lag, i.e. text appears on screen much slower than you type.
The typing lag is particularly bad in tables and when markup mode is used.
This bug is a terrible productivity killer. I can absolutely not understand how it can persist since mid 2015 without being corrected, even more since it mainly appears on Microsoft hardware.

The bug is reproducible. All Surface Books in our company suffer from it. Even a fresh install of the most recent versions of Windows 10 und Office 365 does not solve the problem.

The bug has been extensively discussed on answers.microsoft.com, but no solution is known so far.
See for instance in these threads:




A solution would be very much appreciated! Thanks.

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    Matthias Haldimann shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Khalil commented  · 

        I had this problem, which is really frustrating but disabling dropbox helped...

      • Derek Morgan commented  · 

        Please fix this lag.... I have tried disabling the hardware graphics acceleration, disabling the spell check and grammar check with no luck. I also tried to disable office updates which didn't help either

      • Mads Barløse commented  · 

        Just bought office 2016. Discovered this bug. It basicly breaks the program. It is unusable. Such lag is just not acceptable. How did this pass quality control?!

      • Timothy Roberts commented  · 

        Hi all,

        Working on a large doc in Word today, I'm finding that clicking on one of the page gaps to give you a document view without pagination seems to largely solve the problem. That's no excuse for this stupid program to have such a gaping flaw, but still. A serviceable makeshift fix.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I'm on a Dell XPS 15". Same issue. Of particular note was trying to type comments in Word docs--delays and massive errors I did not type. I read something about disabling the connecting/syncing to my dropbox and did that, which helped with the typing lag. I continue to have inconsistent ability to use the mouse--touchpad is fine. I work predominantly in large documents and this is an enormous issue. I also found Word wasn't autosaving docs as I had it set to do, and then would crash when the delays are the worst. I now hard save my documents every few minutes. Very convenient, MS. The mouses is now giving me the biggest challenge, which is why I'm on this thread looking for fixes.

      • Simon Carroll commented  · 

        I thought I was losing my mind.. delighted to hear others are having this issue. I've reinstalled Office a few times, disabled HW gfx acceleration, even rebuilt Windows 10 a few times.
        It's only in Office 2016 products, Notepad, Visual Studio code all fine.
        I get 20 seconds i which I can type in realtime, then between 5 and 25 seconds where no mouse or keyboard input is instantaneously recognised. I can type, and when Office's focus wakes up again, the keystrokes I typed appear, usually with a high error count :/
        It's really like trying to play a game that was designed for a computer 5 years newer.
        Laptop is a Dell XP quad i7 with 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, so it's not the machine.
        Win 10 1703b15063.726, Click-to-run Office 2016 (32-bit) v1710 build 8625.2127

      • Jason commented  · 

        Yeah this is horrendous. Microsoft Word is the worst. The cursor has such a lag that when I type or delete, I have no idea where I am. It's like playing a video game from the 1990's. Incredibly disappointed in you Microsoft.

      • Mr.Kornilow commented  · 

        I had the same problem with Excel (scrolling and typing lags) and it turned out to be compatibility problem.

        In Windows 10 you need to right click on Word (Excel) shortcut, and select 'Troubleshoot compatibility' in pop-up menu. Next: 'Troubleshoot program' -> 'I don't see my problem listed' -> 'Next' -> 'I don't know' -> 'Test the program' -> 'Yes, save these settings for this program' and close.

        Windows 7: Right click on the shortcut -> Properties -> Compatibility -> 'Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)', and uncheck 'Disable visual themes'.

      • Alex Hifler commented  · 

        having run into this problem a few days ago I just found the causation for me. turns out the document was trying to put 100k characters in the same line. long story short the document opened a near infinite amount of the same paragraph into one line of code. I found this out when saving a bugged document as a .xml file and seeing a solid line with fragments of letters jointing out. Also apparent in the word count which would glitch between 102K words and the actual 500.

      • Mitchell Fox commented  · 

        Stop complaining people, MS does not care. There are so many issues like this with MS Office suite software that go on for years with no resolution or even acknowledgement from MS. This is just another example of an issue that makes the software so painful to use it's bordering on unusable.
        Resolve to use their shoddy software until you can't take in anymore and start using open source stuff like Thunderbird, Google Docs, LibreOffice (FYI: word processing at least as good if not better than Word, but spreadsheet not as good as Excel).

      • ..... commented  · 

        im using a laptop, experienced the same issue but when I plug in my charger the lag was solved, anyone noticed that

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Also experiencing this problem, and nothing seems to fix it - tried reinstalling, disabling hardware acceleration, closing other programs etc. For anyone who writes reports for work this makes word almost unusable, if you have a markup or comments you're looking at a 2-3 second delay every click, it's absolutely useless. Get a fix in place please!!!

      • Familien Gabrielsen commented  · 

        I am at a loss for words. Why is this bug not fixed? This should be absolutely first priority for the Microsoft Office team.

      • Erika commented  · 

        Absolutely -- I just purchased Office 2016 thinking it would sort out some of the problems with the former version of Word, and it's much, much worse with respect to comments, which I need to use extensively in my work. I'm really tearing my hair out.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Also experiencing this problem. Fix please Microsoft.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hi ! My unpleasant experience seems to be mostly with Powerpoint 2016, particularly in tables - here typing or navigation using arrows becomes really slow. i've turned off auto-mostly-everything such as spell check, animation as well as HW acceleration, but to no avail. Definitely would appreciate a breakthrough from MS ... it didn't used to be this bad, but can't point to a specific event (patch, O365 update etc).

      • Nils NIlsson commented  · 

        Disabling hardware graphics did nothing for me, however, saving it as.....wait for it....Word 2003 document format seemed to solve the problem. Seriously Microsoft...

      • Nils NIlsson commented  · 

        What a POS Microsofts producs are turning into these days. First Visual Studio gone downhill and now they can't even make a Word processor in 2017 that supports typing???

      • Manuel Fernandez commented  · 

        I never noticed this before, in PowerPoint it only seems to happen on some documents. I was trying to edit a PowerPoint document which has quite a few images and it's extremely laggy. However, on a new empty PPT document the lag is almost unnoticeable. However, I can still notice a small amount of lag, and quite frankly it's very irritating, in 2017. None of this nonsense happened with Office 2003 which I used for the longest time. Office 2010 seemed quite stable too. I am going to revert to 2010 and see if that fixes the problem.

      • Victoria Caylor commented  · 

        One of my main problems comes when using arrow keys to go back into a sentence to modify it. If I use arrows or mouse to click into something that has already been typed, I have to wait 2-5 seconds for it to recognize that I've moved the cursor. Then when saving a document, it freezes and I get the "Not Responding" notification at the top of a screen that is blanked out and a cursor that spins until it catches up to what's going on.

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